The Book of Mormon is the National Document to restore culture in America

The way the world works is education. We must be constantly learning and apply what we have learned to real life applications. Our learning must be continuous and ongoing. Once one subject is learned we need to move and learn another. Learning a little hear and a little there until we have gained mastery over many subjects of learning.

Our learning must start with a national book of great importance unifying and stimulating intellectual discussion. In America that book is the Book of Mormon. It is the book of the great American religion. The Book of Mormon provides the moral principles necessary to learn good from evil. It includes unique doctrines and principles found in not other book. The Book of Mormon should be discussed in families, colleges, and business through out America. The principles of morality, justice, good versus evil should be explored in the stories. The study of the Book of Mormon will build the missing culture destroyed by the Rock and Roll counter culture revolution.

Why is the Book of Mormon important to restoring the American culture. The Book of Mormon is the keystone of the American religion. The American religion is unique teaching the doctrine of baptism for the dead, eternal marriage, infant salvation before the age of accountability, resurrection, exaltation of man, joint heir ship, creation facts and the debunking of evolution, and the rise and fall of four civilizations in North America.

The foundation of America culture was established by the Bible. However, as the strength of the Book of Mormon grew and the music culture destroyed the culture established by the Bible, the Book of Mormon stands as and ensign to the nation of morality, justice, and right and wrong. America needs the Book of Mormon to restore and unify the people and reestablish its culture.

The Book of Mormon inspires students to ponder, search, and think about the vices of secret combinations. It helps the student understand the immediate gratification to get gain by murder leads to the eventual annihilation of the race as vicious and treacherous forces drive opposing forces into wars of annihilation. The stories of the Book of Mormon highlight the intense betrayal of the gadianton thieves amongst themselves as priests of the secret society murder each other in secret passages. The Book of Mormon illustrates how kings can be betrayed by their inner circle of leaders by secret combinations allow the thieves to murder the king on the throne. Within the dialog of the Book of Mormon is the realization that Justice does not go unserved. Either the prophet warns Coriantumr to repent or he will witness the complete destruction of his people. Coriantumer does not repent in time and he is not allowed to die and he watches the destruction of over two million Jaredites. The Lord tells Either that his justice stands and Coriantumr must see the destruction as foretold as a punishment. Justice demands punishment for breaking Gods laws. The Book of Mormon establishes the foundation of divine justice. It puts the Justice of God above the laws of Man and illustrates when laws become corrupt that God warns of judgment.

The Book of Mormon provides the guidance to this of issues in our day. It establishes a culture where families can discuss right from wrong in the stories of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is not a historical book, but there are geological locations, places, and historical events in the Book of Mormon. Instead, the Book of Mormon is a guide to understanding how to choose between good and evil. It puts the reader in the place of the character and asks the reader rhetorically, "what would you do in this situation"? If Ammoron raised his sword to strike down Captain Moroni, "would you stop him with your sword?" What type of leadership would you offer in the event of a rebellion between the freemen and the kingsmen? These are some of the questions the Book of Mormon could pose.

The Book of Mormon inspires the student to research and think deeply about the visitation of Christ to the Americas after the destruction of several cities in North America. Think deeply is hard work. It takes time to collect ones thoughts into a tight and coherent series of thoughts that can withstand scrutiny. The visit of Christ to the America causes one to think deeply about the personality of the Savior as he heals the people, prays for them, blesses their children, teaches them medicine and technology and architecture, and restores his priesthood and church among the people. The Book of Mormon creates opportunities for families to talk about the teaching of Jesus as enumerated in the beattitudes. It also causes one to ponder about the whereabouts and purposes of the three Nephites. A trio as powerful as John the revelator, never tasting death. The great missionaries of several millennium.

Learning from the Book of Mormon takes a life time of study. It requires prayer, pondering, reading, and constant thought. One should dream of the words of the Book of Mormon and seek to master all meaning and thought within the great book. Ideas from the Book of Mormon should be shared with everyone. It is the great document on the earth. It is the only document restored by an Angel, the Angel Moroni. The Book of Mormon is a divine book given by God to man through a living prophet, Joseph Smith by means of the Angel Moroni. It is divine Justice. The Laws of God can not be bent for they are immutable. The Justice of God can not be ignored because Justice is eternal. The power of God can not be neglected because the Book of Mormon is here to warn us of Judgments if we do not repent.

America needs more leaders not followers. Leaders must be taught principles of leadership. Students can learn to be great leaders by reading about great leaders in the Book of Mormon. Leaders like Moroni, Helaman, Alma, Ammon, Nephi, Enos, Jacob, and Amulek. Students of the Book of Mormon can learn to serve, take the initiative, and believe in standards and commandments that will ensure their success both personally and in business.

In short, Societies are successful when they chose to do good. People chose to do good when they are taught to believe in good. Teaching influences a persons belief. The Book of Mormon influence people to believe in Good and believe in the mercy and justice of God. We can decide to study and learn from the Book of Mormon and decide for ourselves whether the Book of Mormon is the national book for America. I think it is.