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Building your Business Requirements

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Apps for 2 Cent Transactions

Why do you need us: We sit down with you and listen to your requirements. I have worked with numerous companies and know that the process starts by gather a requirement. Once we understand your requirement, I work to create a mobile and web and cloud solution that will match your requirement. I document the technical process and make the java and c# code available, if needed. Your company may not have experience in Java or AWS or Azure. I do the heavy lifting to decide and select the technology that best meets your business requirement. Why waste time on building an application, no one wants? The technology does not stop with web reporting and dashboards, it continues on to apps that create bar codes, read scale weights, and communicate with other devices. I figure out how to get the data you need from remote devices. I build the app that collects the data remotely using tablet technology and sql lite databases on the tablet and transmits the data to the server or cloud through network posts.

Project management and Business Analysis matter! Design is critical in building the right product. The better the design the less coding is required. Software as a service has allowed companies to use other companies platforms to use external functionality. Functionality like SMS messaging, cloud storage, and information of things. Understand the process and building a great design helps establish a platform. Platforms are the key to long term sustainability and support. We want to be able to support your applications long term, upgrade them as the technology changes and charge for each transaction.

Cybernetics: Computer Science is based on cybernetics or feedback. Listen Software Solutions will provide feedback to the users by email and SMS messaging. Feedback improves the quality of the system and increases the robustness of the functions and features of the system

Help us get started! Describe the business problem, management wants to solve and build a story. Business people are not technical. Don't worry about how the story will be created. Note, the story tells, what your business wants to build. Let us, figure out the "how" the data collection system will be built. As managers, you know the two variables to collect which matter too your organization!

Value Added:: Listen Software Solutions will gather the IOT (expand acronym) data into a hosted database. You don't need to worry about the pain of gathering the data, setting up the database or the code to talk with the devices. We do the heavy lifting. You provide the definition of the product to be built. One of the biggest reasons for failure is building the wrong product--a product that you do not want. We build the product you want to gather the data. We figure out the technical how-to. You tell us what you want for your business. We work to define your objectives and the key indicators that will tell you if you’re reaching your goal and confirm your beliefs about your organization.

Cost Structure:: We take the risk of building the app. We make money on the transactional fees. Once production starts, transaction block counts can be purchased for as low as a $10 for 1,000 data transactions. We also provide a portable unit to display Key Indicators and Performance report. Mailed Invoices will go out monthly and each unique transaction will cost 2 cents.

Why do we love our work: Here is our story. We love to solve hard problems. For over a decade, we have been successful at solving problems that others are only now starting to address.

We believe that no successful company should be without technology support to achieve their business requirements. It is exciting to add value to a company through automated data collection, where it was previously only gathered manually. Our unique, exciting technology allows customers to see their own information visually. We like to make our customers smarter by providing dashboards and visual systems that serve to help them understand their own data. It is a great feeling knowing how the new information gathering effort is increasing profits and reducing company waste

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The Samsung tablet running an android operating system is the preferred choice for gathering data from remote locations. The tablet is wifi, 4G, and bluetooth capable.

This Galaxy 8 tablet is great. I use the Samsung Galaxy to run, business apps for collecting data using an java application written in Basic for Android, B4A. The tablet is very reliable for collecting and transmitting data.


Analytics aggregates data into a meaningful presentation allowing the view to see trends, variances from the standard, and predictions.

Powerful Dashboards give you a glance of your data, as it is being collected.

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The process of collecting data is possible because of the network. Interprocess communication, namely, tcp/ip allows information gathered on one point, of the network, to be transmitted, to another point, on the network. The seemless transmission of data makes the network one of the best value added technology, for your organization.