Business Intelligence

We use Microsoft sql server and analysis server to load your data for online analytical reporting. The business suite of intelligence software transforms your data into dimensions and measures. Hierarchies in data are represented as levels. For example, data can have a hierarchy of years, at level, and quarters, at level 2 and days, at level 3. Using powerful query languages like multidimensional expressions (mdx) and data analysis expressions (Dax) we can make inquiries about the data to answer business questions.

Every day your company is accumulating more and more data. Our company helps you build dashboards, reports and interactive queries too visually understand your data.

Data cubes store relationships between the tables defined by their foreign key or surrogate key. Concepts like data hubs and satellites help manage constant changing structure over time. These are exciting possibilities for understand your data as the company grows. Online analytics is the future of your business. The computer has become a central feature of all businesses.

Big terabyte databases can be transformed into dimensions and cubes providing daily reporting to meet enterprise needs for data for customers and employees. These inquires are both fast and accurate helping you understand trends and patterns in your data by month and quarter and year.

It is all about perspective. Online analytics have been big business tools that now, can be used by small business to improve or create processes like big business behavior and culture. Analyzing the data is non technical as we use products like powerbi and Microsoft Ssrs as tools too present data results. These tools aggregate the data, allowing for complex equations and bring together multiple data sources into one location.

In short, I hope you chose us as small business owners to build a business intelligence platform that will grow with your company. Let us grow your company into the 21 century.