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  • Think real-time about your project. Don't wait until the end of the week to discover progress.
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The Challenge: Use Schedule XP for a week online from mysite. Create an admin profile. Add your project and select private or public. Private requires the project password to view.

Getting started by creating a new Project. Press the Create a New project button. Each project has an administrator that sets up the project, milestones, resource, tasks. The project can be marked private requiring the project username and password to view. Public gives all view capability.

Step 2, Create a MileStone. A Milestone is used to group one or more tasks together. The milestone rolls up estimated start and end dates and hours, for all of its tasks.

Tasks can either be standalone or rollup budget/actuals from daily updates amounts for assigned resources. Additionally, task actual information is rolled up to milestones and the project: start and end dates,hours and cost. Create a Task and add estimate start dates, estimated hours, and verify potential end dates.

Daily Updates can be assigned too a Resource. The Resource goes into his work center to update assigned tasks, as a daily update.

Step 3, Create a resource. A project has a group of available resources to complete work. A resource has a bill rate and a username and password. A resource logins, selects daily update, and actual work amounts.

Step 4, Assign the resource to a task. An Employee Work Flow area will allow him see tasks assigned to him.

Step 5 As a project manager closely monitor the progress of your project through some very helpful reports: Overdue Tasks (tasks late in starting work), Completed Tasks(Progress Reports), and Cost and Time (Cost Percentages over or under cost, and time percentages over or under due)

Step 6 Logon as a project manager and run the Weekly Status report and see all the daily activity. The system will use your email to notify of daily activity.

Step 7 Projects can be either public or private. Private projects require the project username and password to enter. Each administrator only has access to projects they have created..


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