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(hits=14) Inflation pushes bond yields up and prices down. Falling bond prices decrease the value of us bonds owned by the Chinese government.[Learn More...]
(hits=14) The us financial markets are vulnerable to any change in us debt demand. Some experts are declaring a bond bear has emerged.[Learn More...]
(hits=16) Mortgage rates are tied to us treasury rates. Rising interest rates would slow the real estate boom and reduce the number of mortgage loans available. Housing prices would depress.[Learn More...]
(hits=12) Trade tensions between China and the us could slow the purchase of us treasuries by China[Learn More...]
(hits=12) Foreign central banks own $6.35 trillion of us debt. The velocity of purchases of us debt control interest rates. When bond purchases slow the government must offer higher interest rates to entice buyers. [Learn More...]
(hits=12) China has $3.14 trillion in its reserve currency.[Learn More...]
(hits=14) China invests its foreign reserve equally between the dollar and the Euro. The European market is important to China[Learn More...]
(hits=14) Prolonged war increases debt and it is inflationary. $20 trillion of us debt matches the cost of war. Fortunately less people are dying of war and peace will bring prosperity.[Learn More...]
(hits=13) China has been diversifying spending of it reserve currency[Learn More...]
(hits=13) Information that China is slowing or stop buying us debt maybe be false[Learn More...]
(hits=17) Randall Mills said, "The BlackLight Process generates more than 200 times the energy of burning hydrogen that can be harnessed to replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants."[Learn More...]
(hits=14) Water has 55 moles/liter. Hydrogen to hydrino releases 50 MJ/Mole H2. One liter of water would produce 2.75 billion joules of energy.[Learn More...]
(hits=14) The hubs and gears will have heat exchangers[Learn More...]
(hits=16) The electron can be explained what it is and the electron is predictable and identifiable.[Learn More...]
(hits=19) Dark matter is a more stable state of hydrogen.[Learn More...]
(hits=21) The MHD power generator will cost $10 per kilowatt. No pollution. Non radioactive. Extremely safe. The parts of the generator can be easily fabricated.[Learn More...]
(hits=18) The MHD power generator does not need the electrical grid. It can feed power directly at the source of consumption.[Learn More...]
(hits=21) A high electric current passes through water creating a hydrino particle, a new molecule with a high energy state. The hydrino energy is released in high energy plasma. The power generation capability is 10^10 watts of power per liter of water. The hydrino fuel generates 10 kilo Jouels of energy per pulse with gear rotating at 200 rpm. The pulse cycle is in the milisecond range producing 10 kilo jouels per pulse yield 10 megawatts of power continueously. The plasma is expanding at supersonic speed passing through copper plates in a magneto hydrodynamic drive plasma to electric current converter. The generator has a water recycling system. The generator has 10 million times the density of fire.[Learn More...]
(hits=19) Black light Magneto Hydro Dynamic generator will generate 10 megawatts in a one square foot of space. 50,000 kilowatts of energy is required to create the plasma that the generator will convert the plasma into electricity. The plasma passes through an electromagenetic field creating electricity.[Learn More...]
(hits=20) Black light offers the potential for decentralized energy production.[Learn More...]
(hits=21) Magneto Hydro dynamic will be the gigawatt power of the future. Blacklight has proven that MHD can produce 10,000 times the density of fire, power output. MHD can bring power to the poor.[Learn More...]
(hits=14) This codesnippet orders a collection of products by price then selects the first product in the list.[Learn More...]
(hits=25) NASA is build small lenr reactors for homes, cars, and trucks. Hydrogen ions are forced into a nickel lattice. The lattice is oscillated at high frequencies of 5 to 30 terahertz form slow moving neutrons. The nickel absorbs the neutrons causing the atom to become unstable. The nickel strips the neutron of an electron causing it to become a proton turning nickel into copper and releasing energy.[Learn More...]
(hits=24) The Nickel 58 to nickel 62 change does not create low energy fusion. It may create radiation. Nickel at temperatures between 250 and 600 degree have the best energetic state. Nickel with excess nickel 63 isotope is required to create lenr. A three layer core is required: The inner layer based on electrical current; an fuel layer with nickel and 1% Nickel 63 isotope with the nickel at 20 microns and 30% lithium; and a outside layer called the monazite layer used to transfer heat.[Learn More...]
(hits=29) Rossi reactors are powered by a powder composed of 50% nickel, 20% lithium and 30% lithium aluminum hydride. Excess heat of 3.6 ratio was verified by Italian and Swedish researchers. Lithium 7 changed to lithium 6 and nickel-58 and nickel-60 changed to nickel-62.[Learn More...]
(hits=29) Brillouin Energy loads hydrogen into a nickel lattice then passes an electrical pulse through they system creating dueterium then the system convert duetrium to tritium then the system converts tritium to quatrium. When quatrium decays it releases energy called controlled electron capture reaction.[Learn More...]

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