Blacklight Magneto Hydro Dynamic Power Generator

Magneto Hydro dynamic will be the gigawatt power of the future. Blacklight has proven that MHD can produce 10,000 times the density of fire, power output. MHD can bring power to the poor.

1. Black light offers the potential for decentralized energy production.

2. Black light Magneto Hydro Dynamic generator will generate 10 megawatts in a one square foot of space. 50,000 kilowatts of energy is required to create the plasma that the generator will convert the plasma into electricity. The plasma passes through an electromagenetic field creating electricity.

3. A high electric current passes through water creating a hydrino particle, a new molecule with a high energy state. The hydrino energy is released in high energy plasma. The power generation capability is 10^10 watts of power per liter of water. The hydrino fuel generates 10 kilo Jouels of energy per pulse with gear rotating at 200 rpm. The pulse cycle is in the milisecond range producing 10 kilo jouels per pulse yield 10 megawatts of power continueously. The plasma is expanding at supersonic speed passing through copper plates in a magneto hydrodynamic drive plasma to electric current converter. The generator has a water recycling system. The generator has 10 million times the density of fire.

4. The MHD power generator does not need the electrical grid. It can feed power directly at the source of consumption.

5. The MHD power generator will cost $10 per kilowatt. No pollution. Non radioactive. Extremely safe. The parts of the generator can be easily fabricated.

6. Dark matter is a more stable state of hydrogen.

7. The electron can be explained what it is and the electron is predictable and identifiable.

8. The hubs and gears will have heat exchangers. The MHD

9. Water has 55 moles/liter. Hydrogen to hydrino releases 50 MJ/Mole H2. One liter of water would produce 2.75 billion joules of energy.

10. Randall Mills said, "The BlackLight Process generates more than 200 times the energy of burning hydrogen that can be harnessed to replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants."