What is LENR recipe for producing energy?

1. Lockhead Martin plans to build a 100 megawatter reactor that is seven feet by 10 feet in size. A commerical version of this reactor will be available in 2026, a long time away for a consumer, but a short time for an energy producer.

2. Brillouin Energy loads hydrogen into a nickel lattice then passes an electrical pulse through they system creating dueterium then the system convert duetrium to tritium then the system converts tritium to quatrium. When quatrium decays it releases energy called controlled electron capture reaction.

3. Rossi reactors are powered by a powder composed of 50% nickel, 20% lithium and 30% lithium aluminum hydride. Excess heat of 3.6 ratio was verified by Italian and Swedish researchers. Lithium 7 changed to lithium 6 and nickel-58 and nickel-60 changed to nickel-62. (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-h-bailey/post_10010_b_8052326.html)

4. The Nickel 58 to nickel 62 change does not create low energy fusion. It may create radiation. Nickel at temperatures between 250 and 600 degree have the best energetic state. Nickel with excess nickel 63 isotope is required to create lenr. A three layer core is required: The inner layer based on electrical current; an fuel layer with nickel and 1% Nickel 63 isotope with the nickel at 20 microns and 30% lithium; and a outside layer called the monazite layer used to transfer heat. (https://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/thread/3034-recipe-to-create-a-lenr-reactor/)

5. NASA is build small lenr reactors for homes, cars, and trucks. Hydrogen ions are forced into a nickel lattice. The lattice is oscillated at high frequencies of 5 to 30 terahertz form slow moving neutrons. The nickel absorbs the neutrons causing the atom to become unstable. The nickel strips the neutron of an electron causing it to become a proton turning nickel into copper and releasing energy. (https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/149090-nasas-cold-fusion-tech-could-put-a-nuclear-reactor-in-every-home-car-and-plane)