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The code snippet shows how to use filestream to read the contents of a binary file into a byte array. Your binary file is located in the my documents directory of the user.


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This code snippet allows you page through a data set like the ado absolutepage . The page size is 3 rows of data. The OleDbDataAdapter is initialized with the SQL. The da.Fill method uses the row offset to start fetching data. Three records are fetched from the row offset start position. A dataset can be used to access each row by index 0 through 2 for the item called "imagename" which contains the image file name. The row offset is stored in the Session("ImagePage")*3[Learn More ...]


There are two major kinds of genes involved with cancer: oncogenes and tumor suppressors. To understanding how it works think about a speeding car with a accelerator (oncogenese) and brake (tumor suppressor). The car can go out of control if the oncogene gets stuck or the tumor suppressor becomes defective. [Learn More ...]


Japan is perfection the heavy-ion treatment system for killing certain cancer. Heavy ions concentrate more destructive energy directly at the tumor. The Tokyo Heavy-Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba, or Himac is the first large accellerator in the world dedicated to cancer treatment. The accelerator cost $300 million to build and $50 million a year to treat 1,000 patients. The device uses 25 megawatts of electrical power, the capacity to supply 8,000 homes. Heavy ions are particularly useful for treating tumors in areas that can be damaged by radiation, such as the eye and spinal cord.[Learn More ...]


    Von Newmann’s next machine was called the IAS. The initial development of the IAS design was distributed to multiple locations. A central processor operating in parallel on multiple bits of a word of data at a time characterized IAS. ISA had a hierarchical memory range with random access to memory on limited media, and a distinction between software functionality and hardware functionality. “Science, as well as technology, will in the near future and in the far future turn from problems of intensity, substance, and energy to problems of structure, organization, information and control.” Von Newmann was persuaded that the high-speed computer would change the nature of mathematical research. The IAS machine contained the world’s first fully functional random-access memory, RAM. Disk storage was provide through 40 cylinders arranged in a bank of 20 with 1024 bits per cylinder; additionally, 40 Williams tubes and 2,600 vacuum tubes performed digital processing with a 75% up time. IAS included an arithmetic unit, accumulator, two shift registers, an adder, and a digit resolver. Floating point was considered but not implemented.[Learn More ...]


    Historically, conspicuous consumption became a pillar of statecraft in Venice. Licentiousness stimulated art demand increasing competition for nude paintings. The market attacked and destroying all moral codes inhibiting content in the market and lead to opulence, extravagance, and vice. “The world we inhabit today, with its ruthless competitiveness, fierce consumerism, restless desire for ever wider horizons, discovery, and innovation…is a world which was made in the Renaissance.” Renaissance emerged as Materialism philosophy reigned supreme; objective argument provided the ideology within the corrupting gatherings of individuals. American Renaissance and industrialism embraced Darwinism. Darwinism represented the longest-lasting philosophic shield held up by the American Wealth Accumulators: Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockerfeller, Chauncey Depew, and James J. Hill. The trinity materialistic God equaled Darwinism, conspicuous consumption, and self interest. The Renaissance lionized the idols of consumption, the top artist and purveyors of luxury goods: Bottielli, Titan, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. Monetarist, Milton Friedman said, “Greed was the basis to society” and wanted a system “setup an arrangement under which greed will do the least harm. Capitalism is that kind of system.”[Learn More ...]


      In 1996, the Sudanese government asked Bin Laden to leave despite their claim they could better monitoring him there. Bin Laden left for Afghanistan with Ayman Awahiri, considered by the US to be the chief planner of 9/11.[Learn More ...]


      China loaned Brazils Petrobras, $10 billion for a guaranteed oil supply over the next decade. 200,000 barrels of oil a day for the next 10 years. China is Brazils number one trade partner. Brazil supplies 45 percent of all China’s soybean imports and is a source of agricultural products. Brazil possesses nuclear industry and uranium resource important for China’s nuclear industry. In 2009, Brazilian exports to China increase 67 percent. China is helping to develop deepwater oil drilling in Campos and Santos basins. Brazil is collaborating with China on satellite and space research.[Learn More ...]


      Antioxidant list: Add 200 mg Vitamin E supplement. Include: B6, glutathione, bioflavonoids, and minerals (selenium, zinc, copper, and manganese) and amino acid called L-cysteine.[Learn More ...]


      2. Health care fails on numerous counts: a. Patients lack pertinent information about appropriate medical care b. Patients can not opt out of their health care policy when then interest are not being served. c. Patients cannot afford health care. Many middle class workers go broke paying large deductibles and expensive coverage policies. d. The health care business does not face competition for the market share. Foreign companies cannot setup business and compete for patients. The diversity and numbers of health care production is not stepping up as health care prices climb. There are a limited number of medical schools and not enough medical personnel and schools limit enrollment; as a result, the pool of licensed providers is constrained; medical personnel wages rise, resulting from increasing demand and specialization. As a result, health care has become excessively expensive, the quality poor, and the variety of provides minimal. “Health care in the United States was long provided by independent physicians, bound by professional code of ethics, and by public or not-for-profit hospitals and insurers. For profit chains began buying into the health care system in the 1990s, but suspicions about their motives fueled intense public dissatisfaction with the US health system and recent studies confirm that they offer inferior care.” 77 percent of Americans believe the government should spend more on health care; 88 percent want medicare to pay for prescription drugs; and two in three want more money spent on mental health.[Learn More ...]


      2nd generation robots will emerge around 2020 and have 100,000 MIPS, a 30 fold increase in computation power. 2nd gen robots will be capable of adaptive learning; the robots will adjust its behavior in response to the action past effectiveness, as the robot actual behavior is nudged closer to the human ideal. Robots will be packaged with learning models and probably be capable of being trained by humans through conditioning modules and these conditioning modules watch for desirable and undesirable situations that act on task oriented programs. Conditioning signals come in two categories: positive which raise the probabilities and negative which lowers the probabilities; character is a product of the suite of condition modules of he host. 2nd gen robots will be able to learned from 1st gen robots. 2nd gen robots will use central computer stimulations of robots, in action, to approximate results by gathering data and generalizing from the data, of other robots. A proper simulation would the result of thousands of learned models for various basic interactions and these simulations would be used to effectively construct condition suite by super central computers. 2nd generation robots will find jobs everywhere.[Learn More ...]


        ndonesian Archipelago has 90 tcf/ng in reserves and it is experiencing production decline. Should Indonesia manage a 2 tcf/year projected to last 10-20 years.[Learn More ...]


          King Francis, Henry's father has arrange the marriage of his son and the princesses of Spain. French and Spain alliance increased military strength against their common enemy England. Henry’s marry was an important political marry. The marriage was void of love, Spanish princess weeping and wailing, priestly priest chanting verociously, and King and Queen presiding pompously. Henry’s failure to marry the Spain Princess reflect his “new way” of thinking, Utopian in context. Henry and his father King Francis supported Da Vinci. Da Vinci brought Rennaisance thought, inventions, and philosophy to France. Italian architecure, painting, and literature influencing various aspects of life in France. Henry vows to Danielle he will build a University for the common man and invite all to attend and learn. Da Vinci demonstrate that man can walk on water. 4. Danielle is sold by [Learn More ...]