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To survive and adapt to the world around , Wiener made clear , all communication system need a health balance of negative and positive feedback . [Learn More...]
GM is a horrible bind with a $1 , 600 per vehicle handicap in legacy costs , mostly health and pension benefits . Normally a company in such straits would contract until it reaches equilibrium : 4 million cars instead of 5 . 1 million and reducing U . S market share to 20 percent , a worker cost - competitive health - care plan , layoffs , and returning profit into auto sales and financing operations . However , Union agreements don’t allow the automaker to close plants or lay off workers without paying a stiff penalty , no matter how far its sales or profits fall . [Learn More...]
Health care will continue to become more expensive exceeding the velocity of inflation . More companies will elect to use managed care for their employees . Some companies will not offer health care to their employees . New focuses on prevention and wellness will seek to reduce health care costs [Learn More...]
National health care : The old paradigm is failing . Too many people in this country can’t afford health care . Private companies will start anticipating and innovating by hiring their own doctors and negotiating hospital services for surgeries and outpatient care . Companies capable of providing health care services will be appreciated and coveted . [Learn More...]
Stock pickers who patiently studied companies , visited sites , talked with managers , and cared about the companies health - were pitted against quants who were interested only in portfolio total return . [Learn More...]
Wiener observed that small closely knit communities have a very considerable measure of homeostatis , and this , whether they are highly literate communities in a civilized country or villages of primitive savages . Wiener saw a lack of healthful homeostatics processes in large developed societies , due to the modern glut of information and the constriction of means of communication . Mass society was to large for direct contact of its members . The control of the means of communication is the strongest anti - homeostic factor in society . [Learn More...]
Radiotheraphy basically works by bombarding the cancer with very energetic particles such as x - rays or gamma rays . The energy is absorbed by cells , and can split water moleculs in the cells , producing free radicals . Free radicals are very unstable molecules which have temporarily captured an extra electron . This extra electron give a free radical the ability to combine with any other molecule nearby . The free radicals bounce around in the cell , wreaking havoc as they damage cricical molecules . Scientist believe that the radiation therapy amy trigger apoptsis ( cell sucide ) . The drug CBLB502 is being tested to help delay apoptsis during radiation treatment allowing healthy cells to survive and cancer cells to die . [Learn More...]
Shackleton believed in the importance of comforts in maintaining morale . Shackleton insisted on healthy diet , exercise , and reasonably safety measures . The play soccer and hockey , raced the dogs , and took long walks . Orde - Lees rode his cherish bicycle and one venture went too far and got lost , after that Shackelton forbad his to ride the bicycle . In order to prevent men from getting lost in the dark , Shackleton order ice mounts be placed around the ship . Frank Hurley place lights 20 feet talk near the ship to light the floes . Shackleton matched personality types with work assignments . This knowledge became especially help when assignments were given to route crew to specific lifeboats in the crossing to Elephant Island . Each team functioned because of the talents and strengths of its crew members . Shackleton brought these talents together in an effective manner . Shackelton wanted to place each man in a long term job that he enjoyed . Shackleton viewed each member of the crew as a human being and form personal relationships with them and because of this relationship he knew how to ask questions , get encouragement , and provide reminders and insights . Shackleton liked to chat with his men in the early morning hours when there was a particularly relaxed atmosphere . Shackleton was tolerant of people quirks and foibles . Shackleton showed remarkable kindness to his men and never expected his men to do more than they were capable . Shackleton encouraged crew members to focus on their strengths and not to overdo their expectations . Shackleton occasionally pampered his men in reducing high - stress situations . [Learn More...]
Currency exchange controls : " The soviet union exchange rate for travelers was six rubles per dollars . On the black market I got between twelve and eighteen rubles , whereas today you might get a hundred times that " . For this reason Jim carried a few travelers checks and a healthy sum of cash while traveling through Turkistan . [Learn More...]
Each healthy company must have a commitment to the future . Senior management must actively review strategic projects and be involved in resource allocation . This means the best talent is assigned to solve the problems of tommorow . Senior manage must have a point view of what type of people will feel comfortable while designing and building the future company . The process of getting to the future is one of successive approximation . All the knowledge and experience learned of the team is used to understand the gained opportunity . The knowledge and experience is embodied in the successive approximation . One does not have to be a big risk taker to get to the future first . Talent must be capable of learning faster than the competition . The cost of learning must remain low . Additionally , as new opportunities are understood they must be gained . Company foresight and investment must remain equal . As new discoveries are understood investment is escalated , to seize the opportunity . [Learn More...]


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RADVISION is the industry’s leading provider of products and technologies for unified visual communications over IP, 3G and emerging IMS/Next Generation networks - enabling high definition video-conferencing, converged video telephony services

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Single and Multi-Part Tags and Labels. We have a large inventory of paper tag materials, tear proof and waterproof films, thermal materials and many other specialized materials to fit your needs

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Roll Forming Equipment for Metal Roofing and Architectural Sheet Metal

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Heavy duty fork lift trucks, container handlers, and specialty machines at Taylor Machine Works

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New and Remanufactured Clutches for Foreign and Domestic Cars, Trucks and Equipment from HR Clutch
With the high demand for Machinery and Industrial products

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Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Studs Machined Parts Supplier

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Propane Strippers, Propane Burnishers and Floor Maintenance Machines from Aztec Products

CTM Systems Inc.
Cost Effective Solutions for Trim Removal and Material Handling Problems at CTM Systems Inc.

Self-Seal Container
Shipping & Packaging Tubes, Tape & Label Cores, Screw Cap Mailing Cases from Self-Seal Container

Clayton Power | High quality power products
OEM power solutions and line-card cover products: True Sine Wave Inverters, Combies - power inverter and charger in one unit, BMS - Battery Management Systems.

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Power Transmission Engineering and Manufacturing at Philadelphia Gear

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Machinable Plastics

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AMETEK Power Instruments is a worldwide force in the electric power generation and distribution industry with over 50 years of power industry experience

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At Worldwide Power Products, we specialize in power generation equipment including new and used engines and generator sets for the industrial, marine, and petroleum industries

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Drexelbrook pioneered, and continues to advance, RF admittance level instrumentation

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Steel Bar Machining, Drilling and Internal Bolting at Specialty Bar Products Company

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Plastic Injection Molding, Mold Design and Mold Building at Atlantis Industries, Inc.

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Custom Equipment, Precision Stamping and Tooling, Contract Manufacturing at Jade Corporation

L&R Installations
Wire Shelving, Laminated Shelving, Mirrors and Bath Accessories

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Wheel Washing System, Tire Wash Systems, Truck Washing, Tank Wash Facilities at Stanton Systems

Acoustical Surfaces Inc.
Acoustical Surfaces is a wholesaler of acoustical material for controlling sound problems for residential, commercial and indtrial applications.

Marshall Industrial Technologies
Plant Equipment Installation and Service Needs

Mold Release Coatings, Dry Film Lubricants and Specialty Lubricants

Atlantic Gasket Corporation
A Leader in Gasket Manufacturing, Die Cutting, Foam

Sandmeyer Steel
Stainless Steel Plate and Nickel Alloy Plate Products By Sandmeyer Steel

Certified Steel Company
Full Line Steel Service Center – Certified Steel Company

Philadelphia Forgings
A Leading Forgings Supplier – Philadelphia Forgings

Laurel Products
Supplier of Fluoropolymer Additives

Replacement Batteries
we offers a full range of APC replacement batteries, RBC batteries, medical batteries, Power Sonic batteries

plastic mold making and injection molding
Arte Tooling was established ten years ago and has grown to be recognised in the industry as a reputed Chinese mold maker, specialise in rapid prototyping, mold making, injection molding and die casting.

Phoenix Electric Manufacturing Company
Since 1938, we have been the world leading manufacturer of Standard and Custom Engineered Brush Holders

Slewing Bearing
Slewing Bearing

Roll Forming Machine
Roll Forming Machine

drilling tools factory
Wuxi drilling tools Factory is a large-scale key enterprise in the industry of geological exploration field. Founded in the year of 1958, the factory originally belonged to Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of China

bending machine
manufacturer and supplier of plate rolling machinery


Barcode Generator
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Universal Fire Shield
Producers and distributors of flame retardant sprays and fireproofing thermal coatings for residential and commercial applications.

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Business Intelligence Software

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