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Why buy commodities now ? The current supply - and - demand balance for commodities worldwide is out whack . Time will turn any oversupply of a commodity into an empty warehouse unless its inventory is replenished . Demand for supplies increased and years of cheap oil drove a taste for gas guzzlers ; low mortgage rates increased the size of homes and the cost too heat and cool them ; bigger cars and home ate up lumber , steel , aluminum , and lead . Now China has started to gobble up commodities . China has the fast growing economy in the world for 2003 - 2004 at 9 percent . China imports half of its copper , three - fifths of its iron ore , and one - third of its oil ; and draining Europe re - cycle plants of every bit of scrape they can produce . China must feed 1 . 3 billion people and the Chinese are eating more meat increasing the demand for corn feed ; China is importing Soy from Brazil and Australia ; and China is importing more sugar . All at a time when China is short of every raw material that it needs . The imbalance is exploding demand while supplies are being depleted . Let look at the basic survival commodities : Oil , Natural Gas , Metal , and Sugar . Oil : No Major oil field discoveries , giant reservoirs are 50 to 70 years old , no new U . S oil refineries , drilling rigs decreased from 4 , 530 to 1 , 201 ( 1981 - 2004 ) . U . S officials and companies are looking to Russia to pump enough oil to satisfy hunger for energy . Natural gas : North America has not kept pace with demand and officials are expressing alarm about possible prolonged shortages of natural gas . Gas fields in Canada and Alaska are still without pipelines to bring gas to the market . Metals : No new mine shafts in 20 years world - wide . Sugar has become an energy commodity having been turned into ethanol to power vehicles . More than 60 percent of the world’s ethanol is produced from sugar . Brazil is promoting ethanol sales in China . War and political chaos push commodity prices higher . [Learn More...]
Japan is perfection the heavy - ion treatment system for killing certain cancer . Heavy ions concentrate more destructive energy directly at the tumor . The Tokyo Heavy - Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba , or Himac is the first large accellerator in the world dedicated to cancer treatment . The accelerator cost $300 million to build and $50 million a year to treat 1 , 000 patients . The device uses 25 megawatts of electrical power , the capacity to supply 8 , 000 homes . Heavy ions are particularly useful for treating tumors in areas that can be damaged by radiation , such as the eye and spinal cord . [Learn More...]
What Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is doing is creating a new credit line for subprime loans . The loans will still be risky . Investors will continue to buy bonds with high yields backed by payments of the subprime mortgages . Individuals with bad credit will own homes . The confidence game is being able to manage the default percentages without panicking the system . Investors will want more insurance and that insurance will come from higher loan rates . The Fed can help the Mortgage rates by reducing the prime . However , the fed has a larger monster to slay and that is inflation . The bond market seems to believe that inflation will not be rising long term . So the investment in subprime mortgages hedges on the belief that the fed will cut the rate and offset the cost of the loans to subprime borrowers keeping the system manageable . [Learn More...]
In summary , cheap harddrives , massive amounts of memory , faster processors have reduced the cost of PC technology . Rich internet applications can be streamed to browser or client applications using internet protocols . More cities will invest in fiber optic infrastructure bring media , voice , and video to businesses and homes . Combining these two factors : cheap PC technology and standardize Internet Protocols will allow software developers to provide rich business functionality and result in " Free capitalism " . We are just beginning to discover what the computer can do for us . There will be many more billionaries in the next generation . [Learn More...]
Most Chinese homes have been converted from coal to natural gas [Learn More...]
Time Taxes : The process requires Senior citizens to go to schools in their area and do various jobs , in exchange they are paid by have their property tax reduces allowing them to keep their homes . High property taxes against the Seniors demonstrates a stronger trend towards socialized redistribution of wealth and threatens their constitutional rights of life , liberty , and property . [Learn More...]
A hard landing predicted in 2009 . $350 billion in subprime and other risky residential mortgages will be reset , many at punishing rates . Defaults will rise sharply . Two million people could loss their homes . House prices will continue to fall , 10 - 30 percent . Many consumers will be stuck in upside - down mortgages . The $9 trillions in home equity withdrawn is no long sustainable . Dollar decline will make commodity prices higher . US oil exports will rise and pass through dollar decline . A decline in credit availability will feed into the downward momentum . [Learn More...]
Elder patients can be monitored from their homes by electronic device . [Learn More...]
Mortgage rates will stabilize and refinancing activity gradually drives up and cash - outs become less attractive , as borrowers are saddled with higher payments . Without the ability to borrow against ones property to buy another , home owners will buy fewer second homes and rental properties , and the home - building market will contract . After some initial stickiness , home prices will begin to fall , slowly in stable markets , and precipitously in overheated ones . Fewer jobs will mean fewer home - owners and few jobs in the housing - related industries . [Learn More...]
New homes owners will experience and increase in growth . [Learn More...]


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